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Team Member Role Description

Selecting Team Members

Big Ten Academic Alliance Geospatial Information Network Team Members are selected from university employees that are able to contribute their knowledge of one or more areas in the fields of libraries, geography, GIS, maps, metadata, cataloging, web development, communications, or project management. Each institution is encouraged to assign two people to the Team.

Team Member Activities & Responsibilities

Program Team Meetings

  • Attend monthly update meetings
  • Report on your institution’s progress, accomplishments, and challenges related to the Program
  • Help make group decisions about the direction and details of the Program

Committee and Working Group Service

  • Serve on one topical committee
  • Provide subject knowledge and expertise to group decision making and problem solving
  • Volunteer for short term working groups as schedule allows

Institutional Contributions

  • Regularly seek out and submit new resources for the BTAA Geoportal
  • Consult with the Geospatial Product Manager about suitability and status of submitted resources
  • Develop and coordinate institutional goals that contribute to the Program

Community Engagement

  • Develop relationships with local stakeholders to facilitate their investment in the program
  • Promote the awareness and use of the geoportal within the academic community
  • Give presentations, show posters, or write papers for conferences
  • Contribute to articles for blogs or university promotional press
  • Collaborate to write articles for scholarly journals

Time Commitment

Collectively, an institution’s Team Members are expected to contribute approximately four hours per week total per institution for baseline operations. More time would be required if chairing a committee or participating in a working group.