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Map Gallery

🗺 Visit our conference map gallery.

Guidelines for submission

Submissions for the 2023 conference are closed. Watch this space for announcements for future galleries.

The annual BTAA GIS Conference provides an opportunity to showcase your creativity using GIS tools and techniques. You can submit either a static map (.jpg ) or interactive map (i.e, story map, dashboard). We welcome all sorts of maps or apps regardless of any software platform you used to create/design them. Guidelines and format for the submission are given below:

Static Map (digital)

Required on your map

  1. Title
  2. Author(s)
  3. Legend
  4. Scale
  5. Cardinal direction arrow
  6. Brief description of your map

Map formatting and naming conventions

  1. Your map size not exceed 12‘’ X 12”
  2. Map export resolution 200-300dpi
  3. Name your file using the following scheme: "LastName_FirstName_MM-DD-YYYY.jpg".




  1. Title
  2. Brief description of your map
  3. Application’s URL (must be publicly accessible)
  4. Author(s)

Hosting platform: Online on the BTAA Geospatial Information Network site

Prizes: All the entries/authors will be honored with a letter of recognition

Map Gallery Coordinators: * Caroline Kayko, University of Michigan * Jay Bowen, University of Iowa