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To harvest new records added to the University Of Minnesota's UMedia Digital Library.

Step 1: Set up folders

  1. Navigate to the UMedia Recipe directory at R-09_umedia.ipynb
  2. Verify the following folders are present:


This folder stores all search results in JSON format for each reaccession as request_YYYYMMDD.json.


This folder stores all JSON files by different added month for UMedia maps. After we get the search result JSON file from each reaccession, we will read this request_YYYYMMDD.json file in detail to filter out the included maps by month, and store them to dateAdded_YYYYMM.json individually.


This folder stores all CSV files for metadata by month. Once we have JSON files for different month, we extract all useful metadata and contribute in the dateAdded_YYYYMM.csv in this folder.

Step 2: Run the harvesting script

  1. Start Jupyter Notebook and open R-09_umedia.ipynb
  2. The second code cell will ask for an input on how many map records you want to harvest.
  3. The third code cell will ask for a date range. Select a month (in the form yyyy-mm) based on the last time you ran the script.

Step 3: Edit the metadata

Step 4: Upload to GBL Admin