GeoBTAA Metadata Profile

The GeoBTAA Metadata Application Profile consists of the following components:

1. OpenGeoMetadata Elements

  • The BTAA Geoportal uses the OpenGeoMetadata Schema for each resource.
  • The current version of OpenGeoMetadata is called 'Aardvark'.
  • This lightweight schema was designed specifically for the GeoBlacklight application and is geared towards discoverability.
  • The GeoBTAA Metadata Profile aligns with all of the guidelines and recommendations in the official OpenGeoMetadata documentation.
  • The schema is documented on the OpenGeoMetadata website .

2. Custom Elements

  • The GeoBTAA profile includes custom fields for lifecycle tracking and administration
  • These elements are generally added to the record by admin staff. When they appear on editing templates, they are grayed out.
  • They all start with the namespace b1g
  • See the Custom Elements page for more detail

3. GeoBTAA Input Guidelines

  • For the content in some fields, the GeoBTAA profile has specific guidelines that extends or differs from what is documented in the OpenGeoMetadata schema.

  • See the GeoBTAA Input Guidelines page for more detail


The GeoBTAA Metadata Template can be found at