Editing Template

The GeoBTAA Metadata Template (https://z.umn.edu/b1g-template) is a set of spreadsheets that are formatted for our metadata editor, GBL Admin.

Users will need to make a copy of the spreadsheet to use for editing. In some cases, the Metadata Coordinator can provide a customized version of the sheets for specific collections.

The Template contains the following tabs:

  • Map Template
  • Dataset Template
  • Website Record Template
  • Values: All of the controlled vocabulary values for the associated fields.
  • Access Links and Multiple Downloads: Fields for adding secondary tables.


The input format for some fields in this template may differ from how the field is documented in OpenGeoMetadata. These differences are intended to make it easier to enter values, which will be transformed when we upload the record to GBL Admin.

  • Bounding Box coordinates should be entered as W,S,E,N. The coordinates are automatically transformed to a different order ENVELOPE(W,E,N,S). Read more under the Local Input Guidelines.

  • Date Range should be entered as yyyy-yyyy. This is automatically transformed to [yyyy TO yyyy].

  • External links are added separately under column headers for the type of link. These are combined into the dct_references_s field as a string of key:value pairs.